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CONVERT and variables for arguments
10-19-2015, 01:18 PM
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RE: CONVERT and variables for arguments
(10-17-2015 01:40 PM)eried Wrote:  "mm","cm","m","km","inches","feet","yards","miles" can go in a list variable so you don't need to duplicate them

One option to avoid typing in duplicate lists is to assign "menu :=units", which saves having to type in all the units in the menu. You end up having units like " 1 mm" instead of "millimetres" - that's not pretty, but on the other hand its workable with less typing AND there is no risk of the two lists getting out of step, which could otherwise risk turn your "miles" into mm (if the two lists end up in different sequences). The disadvantage is you then have to go online to discover that an "lyr" is actually a light year.

If you do keep the printable names as well as the units, if the lists can be changed to:
Yds,"yards" //keep adjacent

They are less likely to go wrong than if you have
"Mm"',chains"," rods","furlong","yards"

It may also be worth pointing out that Han's technique does not extend to Temperatures, because of the differing zeros, in case anyone is tempted to do that.

Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ)
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