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Difficulty with flashing an HP20b
10-04-2015, 02:15 AM
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RE: Difficulty with flashing an HP20b
(09-30-2015 12:33 AM)mivok Wrote:  I had the same issue (with a 30b) and a mac. I was never able to get flashing working with the mac utility.

My solution was to use MySamBa (windows version) with wine. If you have homebrew ( you can do 'brew install wine'. You also have to link your serial port to ~/.wine/dosdevices/com1 using something like 'ln -s /dev/tty.usb..... ~/.wine/dosdevices/com1' so com1 maps to your actual serial port.

In addition, I found I had to really press hard with the pins (resistors in the instructions you linked to) to make a connection, or it wouldn't work at all. You can tell when you're pressing hard enough because both lights (send and receive) on the ftdi cable light up (assuming you have send/receive LEDs).

Thank you for the advice. Was able to get MySamBa working over Parallels (took a little while), but was able to successfully flash a 20b into a 31S for my son. Now to order some parts to convert the 30b into a 34S.
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