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The $200 calculator
09-24-2015, 07:18 AM
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RE: The $200 calculator
Looking more closely at the machine, there are photos of a man holding it if you use Google Image Search. It looks positively enormous!

Though I am not about to spend $200 on this particular calculator, and thus probably won't ever use one, there are some things that are evident about it.

The good: The screen is angled toward the operator. This should be the standard for any instrument! It also appears to have an antireflective coating. This is good to see - we live in a crazy world where everything from laptops, to calculators, to even televisions, have glossy screens for some reason which escapes me.

The bad: This is a very basic calculator. Square root, percent, memory, and a currency converter. Plus it looks to be even larger than my TI-95 Procalc.

To be fair, it does include some sales tax functions, what looks like multiple memories and a "grand total" button, and an intriguing button that is labeled with the universal sign for "play." Perhaps this indicates a keystroke program capability? Anyway the key shape will have its critics as well, but I personally like concave keycaps.

I think this calculator is destined to be used in upscale retail shops. The large size, 0, 00, tax, and grand total buttons make me suspect this anyway.
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