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HP-41: New HP-16C Emulator available
05-19-2022, 07:36 PM
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RE: HP-41: New HP-16C Emulator available
Hi Angél, I finally got around to testing out your ace 16c emulator. And I gotta say, Greg and yourself really hit the ball out of the park with this one.

I took me so long to get around to loading it onto my DMC41x as I use a super-robust iOS 16c emulator (which I'd thoroughly tested in comparison to the 16c hardware, as a very understanding friend was willing to loan me his whilst I did an extensive set of tests to ensure the math lines up).

Only now do I realise I should have got to it sooner! Smile

This will probably be regarded as heresy by some, but in many ways, I think your emulator surpasses the capabilities of the original hardware. Not just in the brand new features, you added, but the alpha-numeric nature of the 41 makes programming so much easier.

I tend to keep your documentation at hand as an aide-mémoire to the command names but I do that with all your releases anyway (the spreadsheet format intro pages is all that's needed).

However I did find one small bug, and that's that the mass keyboard assignment 16keys command is greeted by a nonexistent message.

I use the MKeys and ZK??YN mass key assignments in SandMath and 41Z all the time, as they come in handy for those common things you access all the time. And I can see that the custom layout for the HP16c emulator is equally well thought out, so it would be good if I could get it working.

Thanks again for all your efforts.
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