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result on the display of HP50g
09-06-2015, 12:29 AM
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RE: result on the display of HP50g
(09-05-2015 11:59 PM)Skyblues Wrote:  \<< QUOTE RCLF SWAP -73 SF DUPDUP
TYPE 2 \=/ { #25ECEh SYSEVAL } IFT

Can you tell me how or point me in the right direction for an explaination of how to do this? I tried to enter the above and assign it to a variable but that didn't work.

When I enter the above program into the 50g, what do I do next?

At the end, the portion that reads: 'VIEW' STO
is storing the program shown just before into a new variable/command named 'VIEW'.

When you type the program in, recall that you should just keep typing when you reach the end of the line shown, the 50g editor does not need you to type in the program on multiple lines as show.

Also, there are 3 special characters which all begin with "\" (see the Trigraphs here) in the listing; they are the opening and closing symbols for an RPL program at the beginning and end (these are entered via [RS] [+]), and the symbol for Not Equals in the second line (entered as [LS] [+/-]).

Once this is done, pressing the VAR key associated with 'VIEW" will run the VIEW program, which in turn should show you the full item.

Note: you must be careful to enter it exactly as shown - errors in the SYSEVAL and FLASHEVAL arguments will almost certainly lead to a crash.


--Bob Prosperi
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