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Math Pac
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RE: Math Pac
To get an idea of the quality of Ángel Martin's work, look at the manual for the Sandmath module with gobs of math extensions at , and the manual for the 41z module at . They're stunning. The 41z module gives the 41 a true 4-level complex stack and tons of complex-number arithmetic functions and enhancements, with over 100 written in assembly language IIRC for maximum performance. These are both from just the last three or four years, meaning very recent.

Check out Diego's NoV-64 flashable hardware module at .

I am not familiar with the old Math module, but I get the idea that even the Advantage ROM is much better. Valentin Albillo used to have a write-up on it at but it's not coming up at the moment. Can someone tell me where it went? (Hopefully it's still up and I can just change the link in the HP-41 section of my links page.

I myself have a 41cx with HPIL and Extended I/O (a combined, double module which I bought that way, so the two only take up one slot), a double Extended Memory module (again bought that way, so the two only take one slot), the Advantage module, and the ZENROM which I use for synthetic programming. The ZENROM has an assembler too, but I have not bought the right kind of memory to use it. As you may know by now, the 41cx is like a 41c with the main memory completely full, the Extended Functions module built in, the Time module built in, a text editor, and some other things that are not available in the 41c or cv. (Lots of HP-41 links at the bottom of the links page, )
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