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Math Pac
08-10-2015, 07:23 PM
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RE: Math Pac
(08-10-2015 06:44 PM)Leviset Wrote:  Bob,
Thanks for the response. My degree is in Pure Mathematics but over the years I've collected a number of vintage calculators and programmed them to run mathematical simulations and proofs. I wouldn't call myself up todate with modern computer languages and it's been many years since I did any assembly programming. I've looked the site you recommend and browsed the manual which unfortunately does not have many images of the unit. Does the unit attach at the top where the tape reader would go or is it small enough to connect to one of the 4 available memory ports? When you say flashing Rom I'm familiar with using say TI-89 rom to an online emulator. With the Pacs do they come as small plastic modules to plug into the new unit and once the Pac has been flashed does the Math Pac appear in one of the empty categories on the hp41? I've got the manual for the Math Pac but I'm struggling to understand the concept of how it all comes together. I couldn't see how much the new unit and/or separate Pacs would cost?
Thanks for your patience!

The modules that Diego sells are actually made from original HP Application Module cases - so you will have one additional module to plug into you HP-41, which will provide up to 4 application modules (so you can install MATH, STATS, and Advantage ROM (which counts as 2) - just examples - all at once).

The Module comes with (at additional cost, but not much) a programmer/USB cable and software. So you just plug the Clonix module onto the programmer, open the software, select the application ROMS you want, and click on a few buttons to tell the s/w to convert the images to the proper internal format, and then it downloads into the module. The whole process takes about 5 minutes.

But you can reprogram the module with different combinations of Application ROMs as often as you want. The application ROM files come with the Clonix software.

If you are only interested in the MATH ROM, perhaps it makes more sense to contact Paul Berger who has one available (see above).

By today's standards, the HP-41 MATH ROM is not very sophisticated or up-to-date.

For advanced math, an HP Prime or HP-50G, or the community-made WP-34S (look for more info on this site) are far more capable.

But if you prefer to stay with the 41C, a Clonix-D with the ROMs mentioned above are probably your best bet.

As you learn more about using the Clonix, you can also start to explore some of the much more modern and capable new ROMs, created by Angel Martin, covering lots of topics like Matrices, Complex math, plus a lot of stuff I have not even explored yet. These are new ROMs, still being created today, and offer as much as is possible in a 41C machine (but FAR past what was possible back when the original ROMs were made). Check out the SandMath ROM for example; search this site for information.

--Bob Prosperi
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