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[go67/97 for Android] Creating .pck files in a text editor?
08-19-2015, 06:30 PM
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RE: [go67/97 for Android] Creating .pck files in a text editor?
(08-19-2015 06:09 PM)Bill (Smithville NJ) Wrote:  
(08-19-2015 03:15 PM)lcwright1964 Wrote:  So if one wants to get DSP, FIX/SCI/ENG, or DEG/(G)RAD info into a PCK listing, one needs to rewrite the virtual card in the emulator with those parameters set. Doesn't seem to be a means to put that info in a program listing--indeed I just notice that your code writes xx00222 as the first line of each card side by default (i.e., all flags clear, DEG mode, FIX 2). But a 67/97 programmer who needs this just so will know to rewrite his cards to adjust the header and checksum lines if other presets are needed for a program.


I just figured program should control what it needs and not depend on the calculator being in some set mode. I think it is dangerous for a program to assume that the modes have been set up correctly before running. It's just better for the program to select the display and other modes within the program listing. Unless the programmer is up against the maximum allowable steps, he should include the mode steps that his program requires.

Smithville, NJ

Good point. I remember vaguely that back in the old days the HP41 Users Library wouldn't accept programs if they fooled around with the calculator's customization.

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