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HP50g or other: U. of Houston calc exams
08-09-2015, 02:18 AM
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RE: HP50g or other: U. of Houston calc exams
In thread-2771, Gilles (presumably asleep as I write this, or he'd be writing this himself) very nicely shows how to split the output of FACTORS into two lists, one of primes and the other of their corresponding multiplicities. (He makes use of the seemingly gratuitous difference between the object types of the two quantities; maybe he has thus shown us that the difference was intentional.)

Multiplying those lists together and summing the resulting single list yields the 301 result here.

With those split lists, by the way, one can do other things (things often asked of competitors in the USA MATHCOUNTS program, for example): calculate the number of distinct positive integer factors of the original integer, the sum of those factors, and the sum of the inverses of those factors.

Thread-2771 is here:


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