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Now I have a voice in my head saying "you were sooo stupid to buy this HP calculator"
08-01-2015, 05:47 PM (This post was last modified: 08-01-2015 05:56 PM by Sukiari.)
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RE: Now I have a voice in my head saying "you were sooo stupid to buy this HP cal...
(08-01-2015 07:55 AM)debrouxl Wrote:  Perhaps the management, but clearly, a significant proportion of (potential) users: color has been the norm for new calculator models (new designs, more precisely) since before the 39gII hit the market.

All of the following calculator models feature a color screen:
* Casio Prizm / fx-CG10/20 (late 2010);
* Nspire CX (spring of 2011) and the degraded, cheaper Nspire CM-C series aimed at China;
* 84+CSE (spring of 2013), whose hardware is inferior to that of the 39gII;
* fx-CP400 (spring of 2013), the color screen has touch functionality;
* Prime (late summer of 2013), color touch screen as well;
* 83PCE / 84+CE (spring of 2015).

Outliers newer than 2010 featuring a monochrome screen include:
* the '2012 39gII, which is new hardware;
* the '2015 82A aimed at the French market. That's only a slight modification of the old monochrome 84+ technology. Technically an improvement over 83-class / 82 Stats(.fr) and 83+-class 82+. Yes, TI calculator model names are confusing.
* the '2015 Graph 25-E and 35-E models aimed at the French market. Again, those are slight modifications of old models.

A color screen, as well as a touch screen, seem like useless wastes of money designed to fill out a list of bullet-points on the back of the calculator box, rather than something useful that will help you out in solving math problems.

All the mathematicians I know, quite a few actually, scorn such frippery. It's for little kids, but it will never be as cool, fun, fast, or have the storage or memory or CPU speed as even a really old iPhone.

HP needs to make a calculator for professionals again, instead of another hare-brained attempt at a student learning machine.

I do sympathize with their executives and their attempt to capture some of the TI (in the US and Canada) and Casio (everywhere else) market share in education, but that game is totally stacked against them. They'd have to literally purchase Kaplan and Pearson, and rewrite the instructions in the textbooks that are designed specifically to instruct TI users how to input the problems keystroke by keystroke.

If you think I'm kidding crack a math book. The teachers won't use HP because the material is designed for TI here in the USA.
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