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TDS 256K card for SX Need SWITCH Library
08-17-2015, 01:19 PM
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RE: TDS 256K card for SX Need SWITCH Library
(08-17-2015 03:22 AM)MattiMark Wrote:  Yes I have installed the Switch library in normal manner, that is download it in binary 0 STO. Power cycle. I now get Invalid Card Data message.

In the menu there are:


I have tried to install the card into both slots of my 48SX, but to no joy. When the TDS 256KB card is installed in port 2 I can see that there is a card in that slot.
Trying to figure out things - BANKN ought to initialize the number of banks and what port I am using. For me, I imagine, it would be 2 2 BANKN. Switch accepts this command. Then I try 1 2 BANKN => Errror: no card in port 1, which suggests that everything is good so far. Or is it?

I am getting no further...
Anyone have clues?

Thanks in advance, Matti

After you allocate/select the port using BANKN, you probably need to initialize the port using PINIT [LS][LIBRARY][NEXT][F2].

--Bob Prosperi
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