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HP50g serial communication with 3rd party device
08-04-2015, 02:29 AM
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RE: HP50g serial communication with 3rd party device
(08-03-2015 07:35 AM)Marakasmalan Wrote:  Just an update:

Ok, so after all the help I tried various things:

Using the null modem adaptor did not fix anything, but what I did notice is that when connected to the device (straight or with null modem), garbage returns to the buffer. If not connected the buffer remains clear. Also, copied HyperTerminal to Win 7 (need the exe file and some .dll files, but a simple copy) and did not establish success when communicating to Hyperterminal.

I will now try two things:

1. Use a different calculator
2. Check what will happen if I connect via HT to the device.

It seems the Serial port of the 50g is not functioning correctly, especially given the inability to communicate with the PC via serial. Thus far only tested on the serial port of the laptop's docking station.


Did you try leaving the BUFLEN command out?
<< 1 STIME 10 SRECV >>
If I use the BUFLEN command while the HP50G is receiving I often get garbage.
I've used HyperTerminal many times with HP50G XMODEM, but not with serial commands. I will try later and see if it works for me.
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