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look for bigger programme capacity, WP34s or HP35s ?
07-08-2015, 07:44 AM
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RE: look for bigger programme capacity, WP34s or HP35s ?
(07-08-2015 04:02 AM)HKG Wrote:  Hi everyone,

I am a new to HP who owns a 50g and a 22s and looking for a smaller device ( compares with 50g) with good programme capacity.

Programme capacity for me is the size of programmable memory and the program commands.

I read the manuals of both devices, it looks like the 34s' program commands are more flexible than the 35s. I like it has more short cut keys, more user flags, more labels, more easy to access registers ( it have local variables ! ).

However, I cannot compare the sizes of programmable memory for both devices. 34s has 927 program steps while 35s has 30k bytes.

Is there any conservation between 34s' prgram steps & 35s' bytes ? I think a roughly ratio ( such as 1 program step = 27 bytes etc ) is good for me to compare.

And it would be nice for your to give me pieces of advice on which device is good for programming.


1 program step in the WP-34S is 2 bytes of RAM. However, in addition to the program steps in RAM (and 927 steps is a maximum value, with data storage turned right down) it is possible to store programs in the flash memory of the calculator. How much there is of this (several thousand steps) depends on which version of the firmware is installed.

On memory size, the HP-35S wins. Other differences between the two machines are discussed in this post and those that follow it.

You might get more answers asking this question in the not-quite-hp-calculators-but-related forum, which is where most of the WP-34S discussion takes place.

Hope this helps.

Nigel (UK)
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