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equations with complex results
07-04-2015, 09:12 AM
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RE: equations with complex results
(07-04-2015 12:50 AM)fcgaino Wrote:  At HP 48, in Solve linear system, I found the following values

x = 10.09<10.6 degrees
y = 2.45<-55.3 degrees
z = 11.31<179.2 degrees

but, in the HP Prime, i don't find these values.


From memory (I don't have an HP48 with me here) the HP48 and other calculators in that series provide the solution that minimises the length of the solution vector when solving an underdetermined set of equations such as this. Your equations have infinitely many solutions so there is no reason for the Prime to return one particular solution. The failure of the HP48 to point out the existence of other solutions in this case is not helpful; the Prime's behaviour is more correct.

Nigel (UK)
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