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Virtual and Real Calculator differences
06-20-2015, 07:25 AM
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Virtual and Real Calculator differences
Both Virtual and Real HP Prime Calculator Have Version 2015 4 27 Rev 7820
in Virtual Cas screen create a matrix and put
Do the same with the Real HP Prime.
Now in Real HP Prime m1(1,1) give 1. also m1(1,3)+m1(2,4) gives 4_Ohm as expected.

In Virtual HP Prime m1(1,1) gives an error. So does m1(1,3)+m1(2,4).
Also in Virtual try m1(-1). It crashes.
In the real HP Prime m1(-1) gives an error. Invalid dimension. Also does it if m1 only contains integers.

PLEASE: Can these inconsistencies between Virtual and Real Primes be fixed.
I use Virtual a lot now to test, as it is a lot faster to do things via the keyboard.

NOTE: REALLY REALLY LIKE ANote, AProgram and AFile. Very clever.

Finally, how do you get a col back from a matrix in Home and CAS.

Thanks in advance.

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