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HP 82985A video interface/Hp 110 PLUS
06-10-2015, 03:24 PM (This post was last modified: 06-10-2015 05:08 PM by Dave Frederickson.)
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RE: HP 82985A video interface/Hp 110 PLUS
(06-10-2015 05:42 AM)Richard B. Kaiser Wrote:  what HP cable (or TYPE OF CABLE) CONNECTS BETWEEN THE hp 82985a VIDEO INTERFACE BOX AND INTO THE hp 110 PLUS computer that has been modified to accept the CABLE ?

I was researching this a while back. The best I could come up with is some sort of modular cable, similar to an HP-HIL cable, except with 8 pins.

[Image: Mon+Con+.JPG] [Image: hp82985a-2.jpg]

From the Portable PLUS Service Manual:

5.19.3 Video Interface
The HP 82985A Video Interface provides a connection for duplicating the computer display on an
external monitor. The video interface consists of a modified battery door for the computer that connects
to the motherboard PCA in the computer, a video cable that connects to the the battery-door
connector, a separate interface module that connects to the video cable, and a monitor cable that
connects the interface module to a monitor. An ac adapter provides power to the interface module. A
description of the interface and complete service information are contained in the HP 82985A Video
Interface Assembly-Level Service Manual (part number 82985-90003).

Perhaps the service manual provides a part number.

Page 5 of this document gives the part number of the replacement receptacle panel.

After further research, this looks close:
[Image: R7199435-01.jpg]

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