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(50g) Store calculation result in different directory
06-06-2015, 03:32 PM
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RE: (50g) Store calculation result in different directory
Hello folks,

It's bit tricky:
For storing: value 5 should be stored in the variable A in the subdirectory dirsubsub:

first step
stack 1: {dirsub dirsubsub} EVAL @@changes current directory to dirsubsub

second step
stack 2: 5
stack 1: 'A' STO

third step
UPDIR UPDIR @@changes back to former directory

that is clumsy maybe someone else know a more comfortable way. If you want to store in upper directories, then change step 1 with step 3.

Recalling is much easier:

{dirsub dirsubsub A} RCL @@you get 5 without changing directory.
If you want recalling a value from a upper directory then you have to use UPDIR and pathlist with EVAL for coming back to current directory.

Maybe some filer programs on have easier commands for handling this situations.
Last info: every dirname is a file its content can be displayed be 'dirname' RCL

Greetings peaceglue
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