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HP-41 and video interface 82163a / 92198a
05-20-2015, 12:50 AM (This post was last modified: 05-20-2015 12:51 AM by Sylvain Cote.)
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RE: HP-41 and video interface 82163a / 92198a
(05-19-2015 01:21 PM)Vincent Weber Wrote:  Do you know about this othello program ?

No, but you could start from Gene version of Othello/Reversi and add the video escape sequences to make it a full screen version.

(05-19-2015 01:21 PM)Vincent Weber Wrote:  Did it make use of cursor control to redraw only the updated part

I am sure it did

(05-19-2015 01:21 PM)Vincent Weber Wrote:  Any idea how this was done on a 41 ?

Build escape sequences in alpha then send it (OUTA) to the selected video interface.
Everything must be done manually, it's very tedious but it works.

(05-19-2015 01:21 PM)Vincent Weber Wrote:  Were the bst/sst keys used for that ?


(05-19-2015 01:21 PM)Vincent Weber Wrote:  Also it talks about being able to scroll up and down form a virtual window of 31 lines compared to the screen 16 lines.

You could look at some video samples that I have made for Christoph when he was implementing his 82163A and 92198 video interface simulators.
The tests were made using Christoph Emu71 connected to a PIL-Box from Jean-Fran├žois with the real video interfaces.
Those tests could had been made easily with a HP-41CX+HPIL (or a HP-41CV+XFM+HPIL) instead.

(05-19-2015 05:03 PM)Vincent Weber Wrote:  Maybe they should have been arrows buttons on the video interface itself...

You can create small routines that does it and then assign the labels to the desired keys.

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