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Bode/Root Locus/Nyquist/Nichols...App{update 16JAN2018}
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RE: Bode/Root Locus/Nyquist/Nichols...App{update 09JUN2016}
(08-17-2016 11:01 PM)kobana Wrote:  Can any body please explain what the different values in the Step Response plotting stand for? After entering the Bode values of the transfer function I press on view and then StepRes. The app asks to enter a value for t. What does the t stand for? And the x-axis in the response plot is it a time axis in seconds ? And is there a relation between the different t-values and the x-axis ??

The header for the t-input says seconds meaning [time].
Input a t value to see the step response of the system from 0 to t value on the [x-axis]
the amplitude on the [y-axis]. Remember the App is based on Statistic 2Var. example MAX(C2) to find the peak amplitude in step Response...Std, error, etc

NOTE: this t is NOT the true representative of time for the system response....i did use this to avoid plotting 1000 points all the time. {this x-axis values was normalized by 2*pi factor.}
(i will change the code in the next update to reflect a true time on the x axis soon)

plot marker are too big for 1000 points on the screen. (enter big t-value to plot all 1000 markers== graphs not so great on the screen) or (enter a small t-value to plot less markers == and the graph fits "perfect /presentable/readable" on the screen)
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