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Bode/Root Locus/Nyquist/Nichols...App{update 16JAN2018}
08-03-2016, 10:01 AM (This post was last modified: 08-03-2016 10:02 AM by wilfal.)
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RE: Bode/Root Locus/Nyquist/Nichols...App{update 09JUN2016}
Hej guys!

Thanks for writing this awesome program that I would love to test in my engineering studies :)

However, I have issues installing and I find little solutions online...

What I do: I download the zip with the latest version from you and extraxt it. Then I open up Connectivity Kit and drag the "Bode Plot.hpappdir" onto the lower left pane. Thereafter I drag the folder which is created onto my calculators name in the top left pane. I have also tried dragging the folder directly onto the calculator name.
It only seems to install the files "thumbs.db" and "icon.png" but not the rest. When I try to compile it as u describe the program only contains

EXPORT Bode_Plot()


and nothing more. I have the latest firmware and Connectivity Kit... I have tried updating both and do this all over again without results. I regret to say I find the community somewhat confusing, can you help me att all getting your app to work? :)

Thanks in advance!
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