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03-11-2015, 04:18 PM
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Recently I had a small surveying project and I dug out the HP-41 and my old HP Surveying Pac.... and became nostalgic. That lead to finding this site.

I've written some new programs for some more recent activities and in the process of documenting them I got my HP 82162A thermal printer up and running with a rebuilt battery pack. I also loaded the "PRBC" program for printing program barcode.

Only then I remembered that the PRBC program used to give me fits. I can print bar code for some programs but not others. I dimly remember that I had figured out a work around but for the life of me can't remember what it was.

The PRBC program gets through entering the name of the program to print and begins to process, then returns a "NONEXISTENT" error message. I've double checked and I am entering the program name correctly. Again some programs are have barcode generated successfully, others are not.

Anyone still printing barcode with the thermal printer and is there a work around?

In order of appearance: HP 41CV, CMT-MCGPS, HP 41CX, DM 41, DM 42
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