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Serial Port Downloads to 41CL
02-24-2015, 12:04 AM
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Serial Port Downloads to 41CL
Can anyone describe and recommend a reliable process for downloading images to a 41CL via serial port?

I have tried using CLWRITER from the 41CL Software page (compiled by Mark Hardman here) without success, running on Win-7 x64. The program runs fine (no crashing, display is as expected, etc.) but seems to not actually be sending bytes out the port. My PC has real COM1 and COM2 ports, COM1 is in use.

I get the PC command line ready (in a CMD session with Administrative rights) with "clwriter filename com2 4800 5" to send filename out on com2 at 4800 baud with a 5 ms inter-character delay. I have varied the delay to no effect.

On the 41CL, I XEQ "DLD48" from the PowerCL module, give it "80D" to specify target address of 80D000, and the 41CL waits for data. (Note: I have also used the equivalent manual CL commands SERINI BAUD48 TURBO50 "80D000-0FFF" YIMP with the same (lack of) results).

I then press Enter on the PC to launch CLWRITER and the PC display begins displaying the bytes being "sent" out the com2 port.

But after 5-10 seconds, the 41CL reports TIMEOUT, seemingly never receiving data.

If I run DLD48 without launching anything on the PC, it times out in the same timeframe as if I do so, hence my conclusion nothing was received.

Can anyone recommend a process to make this work on Win7 x64, or recommend an alternate method to download?

--Bob Prosperi
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