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hp 28s - creating nested lists
02-17-2015, 07:55 PM
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RE: hp 28s - creating nested lists
Hi Thomas, Hi Werner,

this reminds me to the late 80'ies and early 90'ies where a colleague and I optimized first our HP28S and later our HP48SX UserRPL programs from week to week: "Do you know that I was able to save another 2.5 bytes in the program ...". A time we don't know why a "normal" RPL command takes exact 2.5 bytes and further information was ~4000 miles away from Germany or costs ~6 D-Mark per minute for calling a BBS in the US.

A time we were glad for every new SYSEVAL address, especially for the one reading the internal 8192Hz counter content to write a clock program for the HP28S. The good old times... ;-)

Quote:Is there an advantage to using the SYSEVAL sequence?

I wanted to use the NDUPN secondary, which is only available on SysRPL level, to simplify the inner loop. The commmand duplicates the object at stack level2 n times and leave the n times no. at stack level1. In general the execution of a SysRPL object is faster than the equivalent UserRPL object, in our case maybe only for large numbers because of the additional time for decoding the SYSEVAL.

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