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[34S] Proposal for Entry RPN mode with dynamic stack
02-19-2015, 01:05 AM (This post was last modified: 02-19-2015 01:07 AM by BarryMead.)
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RE: [34S] Proposal for Entry RPN mode with dynamic stack
(02-19-2015 12:38 AM)matthiaspaul Wrote:  Can you explain where you see hundreds of places affected when we would, only in Entry RPN mode, change the conditional X into Y duplication behaviour of the ENTER key, so that it does no longer happen immediately, but only when ENTER is pressed multiple times in succession?

What I envision in regard to an Entry RPN mode should be doable by a few isolated changes to the existing state machine, not a "parallel" implementation of a second state machine or a complete rewrite (except, perhaps, for other reasons like saving space - however, that would be a major task, whereas implementing an Entry RPN mode isn't IMHO).

Apparently you see much more necessary changes in the behaviour model. Can you perhaps give some hints? I must be missing something obvious, but perhaps we are just talking about different things...
Stack operations are deceptively SIMPLE LOOKING. They APPEAR to be easy, but are always much more complex under the surface. Paul Dale mentioned that stack operations were "Pervasive" and that you would need to look at code affected by at least three stack related variables to correctly alter program behavior. I am just saying that, from my experience, more things will break than you can possibly imagine. Time will tell if I am correct. I do know that if Bit makes the changes, they will have a much better chance of being right, because he is so talented, and has a much deeper grasp of the total code base than most. Paul Dale, or Marcus von Cube also have this kind of deep grasp of the code because they wrote most of it. I wish you the best of good luck in adding this feature, I hope I am wrong about it introducing bugs.
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