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WP34S (SENDL) Is it Practical/Possibe
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RE: WP34S (SENDL) Is it Practical/Possibe
(02-13-2015 06:43 AM)Den Belillo (Martinez Ca.) Wrote:  You are the most arrogant, egotistic, boastful, grandiose, imperious, overbearing, pretentious, self-centered, self-important, bloated, conceited, flatulent, flaunting, inflated, magniloquent, narcissistic, orotund, overblown, pontifical, pompous, pretentious, puffed up, supercilious, nagging, vainglorious, and windy ass on this site. Actually, you're the only one. With over 2000 of us; that's going some.

With all due respect - I've followed the discussions here for quite some time - you're not acting like a Super Moderator. Instead you're introducing the most extensive collection of cusses I've ever seen here. Why do you go down to such a low level insulting your opponent? Wanting to act as a Super Moderator you must not be provoked so easily. Let people defend themselves first - I think most of them don't need a Super Nanny. Just keep cool, man.

Just my personal impression, no offence intended.
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