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Zengrange Zenwand for HP-71B: Questions
02-06-2015, 08:26 PM
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Zengrange Zenwand for HP-71B: Questions

So I got my hands on a Zenwand (Zengrange, Serial No. D05675). It seems to work. At least I got it to react to some Barcodes and represent their content onscreen.

I have a few questions, before I venture deeper into this:

mentions a "Zenwand-71 Owner's Manual" as content of that disc. I own Ed. 7.00 of the DVD Set but can't find that manual there. Am I missing something? I would like to do some reading. Can anybody help?

I can find hardly any HP-71B related barcode links on the web which does not surprise me, but is disappointing nevertheless. I would have hoped for some programs in barcode form or software to convert listings into barcode. Anybody anything there?

Can anybody clarify, whether there where indeed different versions of the Zenwand: One commercial and the other proprietory to the British DHSS (I found mine in the UK...)? Are they indeed different? Some of the commands I found "do something", when I try them on mine, others don't...

Thanks to anybody who can shed a bit of light on this!

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