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My HP 42S Find and Some Questions
02-03-2015, 10:09 PM (This post was last modified: 02-03-2015 10:13 PM by John R.)
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RE: My HP 42S Find and Some Questions
(02-03-2015 08:05 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  Not looking for a debate really, just sayin condition depends on handling; look at all the 42S/Pioneer machines on TAS at any given moment; only rarely do you see one with this symptom (or at least rarely are they admitted to in the listing Wink ).

I may have misinterpreted the symptom in the original post (and as previously noted, a picture would be very helpful). The symptom I am thinking of is a very slight detachment of the faceplate near the LCD, which is not necessarily related to misuse or abuse, and which would probably not be visible without a closeup photo. But you are right -- there is absolutely a wide spectrum of qualities in vintage 42S (or other) calculators, and most of the variation across that spectrum is related to the use or abuse those calculators have seen since their manufacture.

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