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My HP 42S Find and Some Questions
02-03-2015, 04:22 PM
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RE: My HP 42S Find and Some Questions
(02-03-2015 04:18 AM)Sanjeev Visvanatha Wrote:  2. The faceplate of the 42S is almost flush to the plastic case on the left side of the LCD. There is no creasing of the faceplate. The faceplate does move to the expected position with very light force. Is that normal, or does it indicate some tinkering?


4. What is the safest way to clean the faceplate?

Thank you.

A slight detachment of the faceplate on either side of the LCD is normal -- most of the 42S calculators still extant have suffered some detachment of the adhesive near the screen since they were manufactured ~25 years ago. There is no realistic way to get to the internals of the 42S through the faceplate, so this probably does not indicate tinkering.

I recommend cleaning carefully with a microfiber cloth and a gentle cleansing solution of the type you might use for a computer screen. Don't clean with a dry cloth, or with a moistened paper towel -- if you do, you will leave fine scratches.

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