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Approximate pi to 24 digits via keyboard
02-02-2015, 06:46 PM (This post was last modified: 02-02-2015 06:50 PM by Rick314.)
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RE: Approximate pi to 24 digits via keyboard
(02-01-2015 10:25 PM)Dieter Wrote:  But you should not be too generous with your kudos: take a look at these results by the 35s and probably also other HPs...

Thank you Dieter. I found your table very interesting and quite a disappointment. It should be added to the HP-35S Bug List. I think what you showed are definitely defects, and worse than most others in the Bug List. The calculator isn't calculating right. For comparison, I checked my old HP-32SII against the UNIX/Cygwin "bc" extended-precision program (mantissas only displayed for it):

x              32SII sin(x)         bc -l rounded
=============  ==================  ==============
3.1            4.15806624333 e-2    4.15806624333
3.14           1.59265291649 e-3    1.59265291649
3.141          5.92653555099 e-4    5.92653555099
3.1415         9.26535896607 e-5    9.26535896607
3.14159        2.65358979324 e-6    2.65358979324
3.141592       6.53589793238 e-7    6.53589793238
3.1415926      5.35897932385 e-8    5.35897932385
3.14159265     3.58979323846 e-9    3.58979323846
3.141592653    5.89793238463 e-10   5.89793238463
3.1415926535   8.97932384626 e-11   8.97932384626
3.14159265358  9.79323846264 e-12   9.79323846264
All HP-32SII results are correct to 12 digits, at least in this situation. One might expect that newer calculators from the same company (whether outsourced or not) are at least as good as older ones at common functions like sin(x). But not so. (:-(

Update: I had this post composed before seeing the 42S results posted by Gerson W. Barbosa. As expected the 42S and 32SII agree.
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