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HP 50G or HP Prime for daughter to learn?
01-22-2015, 06:55 PM
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RE: HP 50G or HP Prime for daughter to learn?
Thanks for the link to the updated Prime info and the iPad idea as well. Kat has an iPhone, but Kim and I use Android phones and she has a Samsung Galaxy Tab as well. I have the HP 48 app installed on our phones. Wink

For the life of me, I cannot understand why HP doesn't "get it" that everyone carries a phone, all the time. I mean EVERYONE from age 8 to 98! If they made a Genuine HP, quality emulator of the 48/50G series and/or the new Prime on IOS, Android and Windows Phone, many people would buy it. Even if they sold it for $10 - $15, no one would think twice. It would *not* cannabilize their calculator sales, because it's a different market. Students are not allowed to have cell phones on tests, and calculator enthusiasts want a "real" physical calc when we can have it. But, we also want the app too - for those times when we can't take anything but our phone in our pocket.

Let's say a mere 1 million people bought it. That's an EASY $10 - 15 Million $ for HP to hand over to their calc division. "Hello World"...

@Carlos - thanks for the 50G suggestion. I was having a big internal conflict about what to get her because I loved the 48G series so much. But, maybe she will click with the Prime better because of her age group? We'll see. You would be happy to know that I just ordered a 50G for myself at least.
It's good to be back. Smile
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