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Quiz: calculating a definite integral
01-03-2014, 01:49 AM
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RE: Quiz: calculating a definite integral
(01-02-2014 01:14 PM)Thomas Klemm Wrote:  On the WP-34S the \(\sum\) key is just beside the \(\int\) key. You can use the same program:

\(\sum\) 00
As much as I like the wp-34s, I've preferred the hp 50g for this one:


Also because it can do that:




I'd tried this approach last year, just before leaving, but I quit because I found the overall expression too complicated, even after simplificating the first three terms. Back here again I noticed I was in the right track and decided to give a second look. D'oh! It was only necessary to replace the integration limits for each term individually -- only the rational part of the expressions survive the substitution by 0 and 1 which soon makes the pattern evident--
Thanks for the nice New Year exercise!
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