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A possible 43S case?
01-11-2015, 02:53 PM
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RE: A possible 43S case?
(01-11-2015 12:58 PM)Thomas Radtke Wrote:  Are the keys hinged somehow?

I dislike the arragement of the cursor keys. In case of the 35s those certainly weren't hinged and turned out to be less reliable (on my sample) than the other keys.

Halo, Thomas,

I like the HP-300S+ case.
It is made of resistant nice plastic in glossy black color except for the gray side frame, very compact and sturdy build, IMHO.

It is quite easy to open the case, and I can confirm that the materials and build is good.
No cracking plastics when separating the upper and lower sides!
There are 4 rubber feet on the back cover, hiding 4 fixing screws that fixes the case parts together.

The enclosure is made of 3 plastic parts:
- Glossy black back cover, where a small battery cover gives access to the LR44
1.5V cell receptacle;
- Glossy black front cover, where the keyboard assembly under the main pcb is fixed using plastic rivets;
- Grey frame to join front and back covers.
Additionally there is a dark grey plastic cover (with 4 rubber feet as well) to slide in and protect the display and keys when not in use.

However I am not happy about the 300S+ keys at all.
The keys are made in hard plastic with printed legends.
There is no mechanical click feedback when pressing them.
We just feel the rubber membrane underneath being pressed, and certainly they are not hinged.
The 300S+ keys works like any low end calculator, like the CASIO FX-991 series for instance.

And while we are at it, the LCD display quality has plenty of space for improvement, IMHO.
The viewing angle is limited and those kind of blue-green digits on a greenish background is something I used to see in low end equipment more than 20 years ago.

In the end, if we put these feature constrains against its cheap price, well, we get what we pay for.

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