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A poll again, concerning the 43S (again)
01-05-2015, 12:30 AM
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RE: A poll again, concerning the 43S (again)
(01-04-2015 10:01 PM)Paul Dale Wrote:  It would make things a lot quieter if we limited the polls to those willing to spend $500 on the device -- I don't know what the exact price will be, but cheap it will not be.

- Pauli

This comment disappoints me. The frequent, vocal exchange of ideas can only benefit the outcome of this project.

I am most definitely a member of the target market demographic willing to spend whatever is necessary for the final product. But I shouldn't need to make that declaration in order to comment.

I'm making "noise" because, in my opinion, the proposed layouts are not optimal. As Walter pointed out in his Sic faciunt omnes rationalization, "billions of people" have become accustomed to a certain order of operators. I might add that the same group of people are also accustomed to the operators being on the right side of the keypad.

I'm certain that HP, TI, Sharp, Casio, etc. all spent substantial time and money on focus groups, ergonomic studies, etc. before settling on what, in my opinion, is the current standard layout.

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