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A poll again, concerning the 43S (again)
01-03-2015, 11:00 AM (This post was last modified: 01-03-2015 11:04 AM by Didier Lachieze.)
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RE: A poll again, concerning the 43S (again)
(01-03-2015 08:59 AM)walter b Wrote:  In an earlier discussion here, we found that the order of the arithmetic operators on the hp-35 was quite arbitrary. When moving them to the right on the Voyagers, they where sorted properly. I don't see why we should go back to an illogical order.

Moving the arithmetic operators to the left is already a step back to the 70's, so let's do a full step back and not a half step Smile

It seems your logic is not the same as mine, I don't care if the arithmetic operators follow the order that is taught to 6-9 year old kids, they will not buy or use the 43s. I plan to do so and I strongly value consistency with the 35 de-facto standard (followed by all RPN calculators with the operators on the left side). For me the arithmetic operators order is linked to the operators location (left or right), this is what I learned in the past 35 years.

Anyway you are one of those doing the work of making the 43s real, not me, and at the end you'll decide, I'm just voicing my preference as I did in the previous discussion on this topic Wink
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