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HP-01 prototype: What a bargain!
12-07-2014, 10:09 AM
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RE: HP-01 prototype: What a bargain!
(12-06-2014 05:25 PM)walter b Wrote:  
(12-06-2014 12:45 PM)jebem Wrote:  I had no problems at at all talking to the Italian guy - when English was not sufficient, I switched to Portuguese and he answered in Italian - Pas de problème - as long as we kept a low talking pace !

I had a similar experience decades ago, talking business to an Italian and a Catalan. We got along with a mixture of English, slow Italian, Spanish, and Catalan. Luckily, Roman languages share a lot of words and structures.


Hi all, the good of life is that despite the Babel tower, we are able more or less to communicate and understand... Smile My father learned in youth just a little french at school and how many times he asked me for a translation of the radio amateur's handbook or of the RCA, Fairchild or other companies' electronics components data sheets... but was able himself to understand, just witha dictionary, the contents of many service manual for R.Bosch radio equipments mostly were written only in german language!!!

OT: I'm just back (three days ago) from a carpal tunnel surgeryon the left hand, and the right one is waiting as well.

All the time to follow this forum and to learn something more

Back to the main post: watching that item is like to look to the sky, and ask himself if is it so important reach the stars, the life is so short and we have not time enough for everything
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