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[WP-34S] Cable and flashing options for Mac users
01-24-2015, 10:00 PM
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RE: [WP-34S] Cable and flashing options for Mac users
(01-24-2015 08:58 PM)Dave Frederickson Wrote:  At the beginning of this thread Jebem jumped in and offered his solution as the only show in town. The result was John had to deal with a cheap Chinese adapter with bad documentation.

I did not interpret Jose's solution as the only one, far from it. Don't assume my research was limited to this thread, which it was not. I did plenty of research, including Harald's solutions. I began to doubt my conclusions only after you brought it up again. That prompted me to review Harald's options a second time, which only confirmed my earlier, very thorough research.

I also knew what I was getting into by buying a $1.79 cable. It's worth every penny! Its documentation was in complete agreement with everyone else's. The only defect was its incorrect assembly. Perhaps they failed some in-house testing, which is the reason they're dumping them at $1.79 including postage from China. I couldn't send one next door for that. Other than having reversed Tx / Rx lines it works completely fine, and it performs the exact same functions as Harald's cable.

As I wrote if I buy something from Harald it will be the internal board, which offers advantages I do not have and did not want - yet.

I trust this clears up any misunderstandings.
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