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A Tiny (WP34S) program does a lot
11-29-2014, 01:31 AM
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RE: A Tiny (WP34S) program does a lot
(11-28-2014 10:05 PM)Paul Dale Wrote:  The derivative of the gamma function is the digamma function (ψ), well is trivial to get the derivative from this. This function was implemented both in C and in XROM but it was omitted from the final firmware. It remains a compile time option.

Oh, SLV is a condition, it skips a step if it can't find a solution. Better would be two RTN statements after the SLV not one.

- Pauli

On the HP 50g, which has digamma built-in, I remember I just solved 'Psi(X)=0.' for X:

X = 1.46163214497 and GAMMA(X), or (X - 1)!, = 0.885603194411

If only there were a closed form solution...

8*EulerGamma/(10 + 1/(2*(163 + √2)))

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