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Flashing the WP34s
11-23-2014, 11:58 PM
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RE: Flashing the WP34s
(11-23-2014 09:09 PM)Elite Wrote:  I now have to ask: Where is the JTAG connector?

While looking through older posts I found this one:

Here Macus describes making a serial cable for the WP34s.

I noticed that the wire to JP5 is soldered on the right hand side in comparison to Harald's board (left hand side).


That shouldn't make a difference? Also I think that this method easier because you don't have scrape off as much plastic as when installing the USB board.

Let's assume that I connect the serial board to the six pin serial port, I would still have to remove LB1/2 and connect the battery terminals? In case I decide to remove the board e.g. to transplant it to another WP34s would that first calculator continue working with batteries only?

The JTAG connector is that 8-pin connector near the top of the calculator.

If you install Harold's board on a calculator I don't think you will ever be removing it. If you do, you would
have to re-connect the LB1 and LB2 points with wire or you will not get battery voltage to the calculator.

Installing Harald's board is very precise. It is designed to fit over the case attachment post once you
trim down the reenforcement tabs. When you do it this way it lines up perfectly. The older photo you
referenced was for attaching a 2.5mm phone jack to the serial ports of the calculator. I also built a
calculator with this configuration. Then you need a special FTDI cable and a 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter.
The cable for this phone jack arrangement is and FTDI TTL232R_3V3_AJ cable.
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