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Hp-19Bii ROM dump -- is it possible?
11-22-2014, 08:10 AM
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RE: Hp-19Bii ROM dump -- is it possible?
(11-20-2014 06:28 PM)Mark Hardman Wrote:  
(11-20-2014 12:21 PM)brouhaha Wrote:  I have some ideas regarding how to dump 18C, 19B, and 19BII ROMs, but I don't want to pay eBay prices to buy them to sacrifice to the cause.

Would these ideas extend to extracting ROMs from Pioneers without the requisite I/R transmitter? I would gladly donate an HP-32SII to such an endeavor.

Yes, no IR transmitter required, but the calculator is destroyed in the process. Some parts of the calculator such as the LCD can be salvaged for use in repairing others, though I'd prefer to start from calculators that already are broken. Some time back Randy sent me some dead Pioneer circuit boards, and it's taken me much longer than expected to get set up to decap the chips, but I'm finally close. I've all the necessary equipment now except a fume hood, which I'll build myself, and a temperature-controlled hot plate. The fuming nitric acid is also somewhat pricey, and I haven't purchased any yet. I'll probably need to purchase some more laboratory glassware, but that's not too expensive.

Fuming nitric is pretty nasty stuff, so very serious safety precautions are necessary. I've got acid-splash-resistant goggles and lab coat, and an acid-resistant full face shield. I need to buy or make an emergency eye wash station and an emergency shower, but obviously I'm going to really try hard not to have to use either.

For the fume hood I plan to have redundant blowers and exhaust hoses, and power one blower from a UPS. The fume hood will have a welded lip around the bottom plate and under the front door so that any spilled acid won't run out onto the floor, or my lab coat or boots, and I have a large container of sodium bicarbonate that will be at hand to neutralize any spill.
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