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50g resources
10-05-2014, 06:27 PM
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RE: 50g resources
(10-05-2014 05:07 PM)SEasterling Wrote:  What are the best resources for learning and using the 50g? I'm in the process of selling my 48gx and all the books and advanced user manual, and never gave it much thought that these would be useful for the 50g. Should I keep this stuff for the 50g or let it all go with the 48gx? If all the 50g resources are readily downloaded online, then that would be great.

I have not closely followed the development and execution (and updates) of the 50g much since I have not used these professionally and been out of college for a while (just collected them and used the smaller HP scientifics at work). Does the 50g represent a nice advancement in technology over the 48gx? The reason I ask is because I want to start using it to relive my youth as my daughter progresses in school. The highest math class I took was PDE and we used Mathematica to help with that. Any chance the 50g could handle PDEs and is there a reference book to help get the most out of the calc?

BTW, I considered the Prime but decided to wait for it to mature a little longer in hopes any issues would be resolved and the consensus here declared it to be the best and most reliable calc HP ever made.

Experts will likely weigh-in with better answers, but some quick comments follow:
  • The 50g is a large leap forward over the 48G; Much faster, much better LCD, MANY more commands for adv. math, on-machine compiling SysRPL, etc.
  • If you like the 48G, odds are quite high you will love the 50g
  • All 50g Manuals are available to download in PDF format (see - a real goldmine for everything RPL)
  • A project to provide printed copies of the 50g AUR can be found within this Forum (search, you'll find it)
  • As the 50g is nearly a proper superset of the 48G, the old manuals may be useful for reference; slight differences exist, so caveat emptor, but paper manuals are nicer for extended reading, imho


--Bob Prosperi
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