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LIF File Types: HP 41, 71, 75, series 80
09-29-2014, 12:44 AM
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RE: LIF File Types: HP 41, 71, 75, series 80
Dave, I can see the benefit of prepending a header to a LIF file ( when extracting it to DOS ), if there are programs which make use of that.
Obviously there are - at least - two variants:
a) a complete LIF header is added, thus simulating a complete LIF image, including volume name etc., and a directory with just one entry. Advantage: The (.dat or .hpi) file can be used as input for PIL-box, without further additions.
b) only the 32 bytes - directory entry is added; seems more logical and saves space ( unimportant, of course ). The entry contains all information about the file, that is: size, type, creation date/time and implemetation bytes.
We would have to agree on one of these variants.

I proposed to add the implementation bytes ( along with the file type ) to the DOS file name, because this might be closer to the current implementation of HPDir and probably less effort for Ansgar K├╝ckes to realize.

Thanks to J-F's ILvlif tool and LIFDISK.txt from the swap disks we now have the most common file types:

File Type (hex) Name Description
0001 TEXT
00FF D-LEX Disabled LEX file (HP 71)
E008 BIN8x Series 80 binary prog.
E010 DTA8x
E020 BAS8x
E040 ALL41 HP 41 Write all file
E050 KEY41
E052 TXT75
E053 APP75
E058 DAT75
E060 STA41 HP 41 Status
E070 X-M41 Rom files ( W&W Rambox, Eramco ) and X-Mem files
E080 PGM41
E088 BAS75
E089 LEX75
E08A WKS75 Visicalc worksheet
E0D0 SDATA HP 41 Data
E0F0 DAT71 HP 71b Data
E0F1 DAT71_S secured DATA file
E204 BIN71 binary program
E205 BIN71_S binary prog. secured
E206 BIN71_P binary prog. private
E207 BIN71_SP bin. prog. secured private
E208 LEX71
E209 LEX71_S
E20A LEX71_P ?
E20B LEX71_SP ?
E20C KEY71
E20D KEY71_S
E214 BAS71
E215 BAS71_S
E216 BAS71_P
E217 BAS71_SP
E218 FTH71 Forth 71
E21C ROM71
E942 SYS9k Series 9000
E946 HP-UX
E950 BAS9k
E961 BDA9k
E971 BIN9k
EA32 COD9k

I am sure there are several HP 41 modules which define their own file formats ( HEPAX, e.g. ? ), as well as HP 71 modules ( Data Acquisition, AMPI Stat ? ).
Who knows the details?
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