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HP-71B Startup Time - ROM Differences
09-09-2014, 12:48 PM
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RE: HP-71B Startup Time - ROM Differences
Brief update:

Upon hitting [ON] this morning, the long delay occurred again, but all was normal after. I did do RESET HP-IL before OFF IO.

I have now just tried "DISPLAY IS *" and will check behavior after work. I will enable the scope on ILPer to see loop activity, if any. Thanks for suggestion Sylvain.

Thanks to all that have confirmed the ROM ediiton is not the cause, and to J-F for the additional comments and background. Though I regularly use PRINTER IS :PRINTER(2) to direct output to ILPer, I don't recall using DISPLAY IS. Could PRINTER IS also cause the same issue as DISPLAY IS (presumably the 71 is trying to access the 'current' device and eventually times-out)?

Pauli - I believe OFF IO is (should be?) effectively the same as having the module removed? I never noticed that Calc mode bahaves differently, though I rarely use it (I have and RPN Calc program installed).

Thanks all, will report results later today.

--Bob Prosperi
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