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Prime: Fraction dependent on FIX setting
01-01-2014, 01:58 PM
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RE: Prime: Fraction dependent on FIX setting
(12-22-2013 10:30 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote:  The issue is the documentation does not mention that the current digits setting impacts the way the key works. This allows you to control how you are calculating the fractional item. This is kind of similar to how changing the fix setting would make the evaluated integral precision change in older hp calcs. Change it to FIX 3 and it would returns what you expect (basically, rounds to 1 less then the digits setting).

The display of the item does not do anything to the underlying number and just flags it as "display with a fraction". Hence when you convert it to dms it works as expected. Nothing is lost and it is purely a display thing.


Thank for taking time to respond

I noted this change of display when playing with various inputs. However the system does not seem to be consistent, as if you enter .75 or .25 it shows \( \frac{1}{4} \) rather than the expected \( \frac{1}{3} \) when you keep the FIX to 2 decimals.

It seems the display of the fractions is dependant on number of total digits displayed, not only digits after the decimal mark. Re-reading your response, maybe that is what you said?

If it is intended to work this way, I think it is quite confusing. For instance 100.25 (still using FIX 2) shows as 91 then 91+\( \frac{0}{1} \) for each time the \(a\) \(b/c \) key is pressed. Both displayed results are somewhat off the 100.25 start point....

So maybe this is elevated to a minor bug, or it all becomes clear in a future revision to the user's manual?

Cheers, Terje
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