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Got my HP-28S year 1991 week 46 made in Singapure
08-25-2014, 10:19 PM
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Got my HP-28S year 1991 week 46 made in Singapure
While working at OPorto city this week, I got my new acquisition: a used mint HP-28S, complete with barely used guides and original box, all for an excellent price.

Amazingly while browsing the Manual de Referência (Reference Guide) a small leaflet felt down on the floor.
This leaflet is about 14cm x 10cm, is an WARNING written in red, in Portuguese and in Spanish languages, calling the owners attention to the tropical climate, that can easily cause battery leakage, resulting in calculator damage not covered by HP warranty terms, except when local legislation exists that tells otherwise.

The guides are written in Portuguese and were printed in Brazil in 6/90.
In fact the inner included reply card destination address is:
EDISA Informática
06454 - Barueri - S. Paulo
suggests this calculator could have been distributed in Brazil for South America and Iberia markets.

The original owner is a financial manager at a insurance company and he used it at school just for statistics.
In the beginning of the 90's HP was recognized as the top maker in Portugal for serious calculators for the professionals and healthy students.

This calculator price was 31260$00 Portuguese escudos in 1991 (about 160 Euro), which was considered a very high price at the time.
The minimum salary in Portugal in 1991 was 200 Euro/month.

Some photos next, not the best ones I took so far, but the hotel room lights are trying the save the planet and so on, so I hardly can see my laptop keyboard right now.

[Image: 20140825_191845.jpg] [Image: 20140825_191253.jpg] [Image: 20140825_210003.jpg] [Image: 20140825_192015.jpg]

[Image: 20140825_192038.jpg] [Image: 20140825_204504.jpg] [Image: 20140825_204850.jpg] [Image: 20140825_223919.jpg]

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