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WP-34s - emulator on Debian bullseye Linux
05-21-2023, 07:59 PM (This post was last modified: 05-21-2023 08:00 PM by floppy.)
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RE: WP-34s - emulator on Debian bullseye Linux
(05-21-2023 05:20 AM)ArneStolti Wrote:  Dear Co-calculator lovers, since I'm a fan of the WP-34s and WP-31s (and I admire the work of Pauli, Walter and Markus very much) I usually use these calculators in real HW and (with different displays - you know) also on my desktop comps at work and at home with the emulators under Linux64.

My newer Debian Linux (Bullseye) doesn't seem to support QT4 any more - so does this mean no more emulators on this OS, or is there a workaround? (Is it possible to copy the qt4-library into the Wp3s-folder or something?) Can someone more skilled (Pascal maybe) solve this for me please, or at least give me a hint? Many thanks in advance.
If you have Windows binaries, you could use WINE as a quick plan B instead of reworking from Qt4.

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