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April 1st doing its thing !
04-03-2023, 12:58 PM
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RE: April 1st doing its thing !
(04-03-2023 04:30 AM)Valentin Albillo Wrote:  .
These are good too, also from Arxiv:

Thanks for sharing these Valentin, quite entertaining, though I've only skimmed them so far! I'm amazed at the level of effort people expended in order to create these "papers", whose format, style and tone all feel quite genuinely "Academic Paper" level. In one sense their very presence in this format successfully parodies that well-established domain, seemingly their intent.

Have you read them closely enough to assess if the math and analysis contained in them is valid? I'd assume so, but that means even more time and effort was required, compounding the overall effort.

Your own efforts creating, documenting and sharing your challenges and papers is clearly of a similar scope, but I find they 'entertain' me in a more satisfying way than the humor in these papers. I suppose this is part of what makes me an HP Calculator Geek, and the good news is they come more often than once a year.

--Bob Prosperi
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