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Khicas 1.7.0 on Casio CG50, Matrices crash
08-02-2022, 12:13 AM
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RE: Khicas 1.7.0 on Casio CG50, Matrices crash
(08-01-2022 08:55 PM)parisse Wrote:  
(07-31-2022 06:37 PM)khaoskosmos Wrote:  I get crashes often using matrices, especially viewing them after a calculation. I will need to track down the exact steps to replicate it, but I'm using the latest two file version posted at Bernard's site (1.7.0) on a CG50.


I wasn't sure where to post this, hopefully it will be useful to debug once I retrace the steps.

Yes, please provide some steps to reproduce the crash. Then I can debug on the Numworks simulator or TI Nspire emulator and port the fix to the Casio.

Well, thank goodness Calculator Politics aren't totally polarized and damaged like most other politics these days! Here's a collaborative discussion about how to use a Numworks or TI tool to fix a Casio product, enabled by discussion on an HP Forum, and it's all a good thing!!

Thanks gentlemen and please do carry on....

--Bob Prosperi
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