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HP-27S 50th Anniversary Limited Edition really?
10-28-2021, 11:35 PM
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RE: HP-27S 50th Anniversary Limited Edition really?
(10-28-2021 10:28 PM)Mick_Go Wrote:  Here some devellopments about the origin my HP-27S 50th...

I contacted directly the eBay seller with questions about origin of this special calculator.

I reveived a reply from him telling that he was the original owner of this calculator and he received this 27S brand new as a gift in 1989 from a close family member who was an engineer for HP Palo Alto. He mentioned that this engineer worked on the design and function of the buttons on HP calculators and he is now retired since many years. The seller is not aware if this calculator could be a trial or a prototype.

According his reply, it's seems that this 27S is really special calculator. I'll keep this message along with my calculator for it's history.

Thank you all for your help and your thoughs.


Excellent story and background, thanks for sharing that! Indeed a very special calculator and it deservingly went to an HP Engineer responsible for one the key elements that sets (early and mid-life) HP machines apart from all others. Cool!

--Bob Prosperi
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