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New HP calculator literature site
10-08-2021, 10:36 PM
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RE: New HP calculator literature site
(10-08-2021 04:19 PM)Hlib Wrote:  @ post 1
Why do we need these feats with manuals? Any normal user will find the information he needs in any resource. I recently ran into the problem that no other calculators except hp-50g can not save different objects in the list when entering information on a program request. I no longer have any desire to share information in the manuals. Perhaps age and personal experience affect. The one who does not know is the one who speaks. The one who knows a lot - he is silent. :-)

It appears you know a lot about this topic, so perhaps it would be best for all to follow your own advice. If you don't feel it's interesting, and you have nothing to contribute to the document collection or even discussion about the collection, there's no need to criticize it, just move along to a topic that you do like and contribute to that.

--Bob Prosperi
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