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New HP calculator literature site
10-05-2021, 11:14 PM (This post was last modified: 10-05-2021 11:16 PM by Valentin Albillo.)
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RE: New HP calculator literature site
Hi, all,

Eric's work is nothing sort of miraculous and his dedication to it verges on sanctity. And I'm being utterly serious.

Eric's been spending and incredible amount of time and effort to get, scan, process and produce that overwhelming amount of books, manuals, and literature of all sorts related to HP calcs, plus designing and programming the excellent web interface and putting it all on his server to make it all available for everyone to download for free, without adds or unwanted annoyances of any kind.

All of this makes Eric not a single cent, yet he has to pay for the bandwith and the servers, let alone the thousands of hours (literally !) of his time he's dedicated to this. You just have to see Eric's presentation on the recent HHC, where he explains in exhaustive detail how he processes the scan of each and every book, and you'll be amazed, and you'll probably shake your head in disbelief.

Not only does Eric make not a cent and has to pay for the expenses, but of course he doesn't ask for any kind of payment either, the scans (perfect quality 99.99% of the time) are free to download, so you may wonder: How can I help Eric, to let him know I really appreciate what he does ?

I'll tell you in one word: books. Send Eric the books he still needs, the ones not still available to him, for him to scan them and add them to his project. Or else, scan yourself the books he does need and you do have, as >= 300 dpi (600 dpi is ideal) PNG images, and send them to him for he to process them and produce awesome-quality PDF files.

Myself, I've done exactly that, I recently scanned and sent him the 5 following books/booklets, which he lacked at the time:

A Guide to Profitable Decision Making
Como obtener el mayor provecho de la memoria contínua
HP-34C Matemática avanzada
HP-41CX SUPLEMENTO Funciones nuevas del HP-41CX
How To: A Blackbox Handbook to Synthetic Programming Techniques

If I could contribute 5 books so far, surely there's something YOU can contribute as well, even if it's just the one book or booklet, and you'll make Eric happy. Best of all, he'll know you actually care and he'll feel that his efforts are worth it and he's not wasting his time.

Remember: Don't ask what Eric can do for you, ask what you can do for Eric. The answer ? Books !! Smile

Best regards.

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